Technical Services

Forensic Investigation – Construction

Be it a building failure, water penetration, foundation cracks, or a contractor default we can provide technical expertise to investigate, determine the cause, identify responsibility, design a remedy, provide cost analysis and assist with the resolution.

Structural Engineering

We have the capability to provide all the engineering necessary in house for most residential and light commercial applications. For larger projects we have the resources to oversee that value engineering is provided by other engineering firms to assure that they provide the most value responsive engineering for your project.

Building Systems

Building systems are a critical component of all building projects. They impact the building’s life span, ease of construction and cost. There is an appropriate building system for every project and each project is unique for the most advantageous building system to be used.

Value Engineering

Proper selection of every project’s building structural system, mechanical system, and material and product selection is unique for every project.

Housing Systems

We are experienced housing system designers for all type of housing applications; low income, affordable, campus, elderly, and custom gated communities.