Design Build Services

Why Design Build?

Design Build is one of the great services provided to our clients. In essence, Building Dynamics will make YOU the general contractor and will provide all the tasks and responsibilities necessary for the construction of your project. Building Dynamics will be your agent, assume the role of the general contractor, obtain and negotiate prices with all the sub trades and contractors, oversee and administrate the work for you.

The advantages of this are multifold. It can save Owner’s twenty five to forty percent of the project costs depending on the project size, will speed up the construction time, make all the sub trades and subcontractors under YOUR control, minimizes delays and construction dispute and almost eliminate the problems typically associated with changes and change orders. We will be there from the beginning to the end, and after completion.

In the design-build method, a project’s design and construction are included within one contract. This allows cost savings on a number of fronts. First, administration costs are lowered, as there is only one contract to monitor. This is contrary to more traditional approaches where design, construction and other needs are covered by several contracts. Second, the possibility of costly design changes may be eliminated as construction and design are done simultaneously. When unexpected design changes are needed, it is easier and less costly to alter the design during the design phase rather than ordering a change once the design phase is completed. In addition, by using a single contract for both design and construction, the owner does not have to coordinate the activities of the designer and builder since one party is responsible for both functions. Design-build also enhances the quality of the work performed.

Key Benefits

The benefits to be gained in utilizing the Design-Build process include the following:

  • Single-source responsibility; one firm to address all your needs
  • Project cost savings; we negotiate each trade and sub contractor for you, you pay directly for the labor and materials needed no mark ups on changes
  • More innovative solutions
  • Greater control; you control who works on your project, you control the funds, know the costs associated with each trade, know who did what on your project.
  • Team approach
  • More experience
  • Unequaled quality
  • Fewer changes
  • Improved risk management