Contract Consultants

Contract Negotiation Service

Many times Owner get cost estimates for work. They review them and select a company to do the work. Most often the owner accepts the Contractor’s estimate as the contract by simply signing and agreeing to the terms on the cost estimate.

As these proposals are prepared quickly and by the Contractor himself they are prepared to benefit the Contractor more than the owner. Owner’s are often impressed by the Contractor’s long list of materials and the inclusion of nationally known building products, which makes the Owner’s assume that the materials are appropriate and best materials for their project. However, rarely do these “contracts” included anything terms or requirement for quality of workmanship, identify all the materials that are or should be included, have terms for changes, disputes or include often omit items such as the cost for permits, time to complete, insurance, protection of the Owner’s property, the costs for debris removal, use of the Owner’s home, etc. during the construction process.

Building Dynamics, can be a valuable resource for reviewing you contract proposal to assure all your needs as well as those of the project needs are included in the contract. We can review the contract and negotiate more favorable cost, alternates and terms to provide you the optimum value and protection, and help to minimize any disputes or litigation that could result from the agreement.

Dispute Resolutions Services

As an alternative to costly litigation, Building Dynamics can be an excellent resource to reviewing and building construction or contract dispute. As architects, builders and contractors ourselves we can full appreciate, understand and are familiar with the needs of all the participants. We can quickly appraise the situation and offer a fair resolution for all the parities involved.

Expert Witness

When legal action is required, we can serve as expert witness for any construction, construction contract, code or performance issues. With a long public construction background we are very familiar with the standards of performance and quality already established by the building industry as well all state and local regulatory laws and codes.

Project Monitoring

Typically project greater than $500,000 should have project monitoring. Projects of this or great magnitude usually have more complex building systems, components, or are complex in nature. Building Dynamics can tailor design a project management program appropriate for the work involved and execute the services necessary to provide the Owner with reliable information on the construction progress, quality and performance.